• hair

    Braided Hairstyles for Girls

    Looking for a unique way to do your hair today? Here are some different braided hairstyles to try out. Braiding hair takes a lot of effort so don’t give up if the hairstyle doesn’t

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  • kimk

    Royalty Kim Kardashian to wear Crown on Wedding Day

    All hail the future Mr. and Mrs. West. Kim Kardashian and her rapper beau Kanye West are planning to wear crowns to their May nuptials in Paris, according to an Us Weekly report. “She and

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  • tickettoitialy

    A Random Strangers Kindness to a Waitress

    Imagine it’s just a regular day as you showed up to your waitress job that barley earned minimum wage. You’ve always dreamed of visiting Italy where your family is from, but you have no way

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  • willyoubemyval

    Adorable Text Messages from Boyfriends

    This one is for you boys! Looking to send your girlfriend something to melt her heart? Here at 8 different adorable text messages that will do just that.

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  • baribie

    Barbie Is Set To Appear In Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue

    In a move that is sure to ignite massive controversy, the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue will include images of Barbie in the classic black-and-white swimsuit the doll wore when it

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Guys: Fun Ways to Ask Your Date to Prom

Gentlemen, we all know it’s very nerve wracking and scary to ask a girl to prom. The fear of rejection, or not being ‘cute’ enough gets the best of us all. To make your life